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Security is top priority for Dragonchain and we don’t believe users should be penalized for using a more protective wallet. DRGN Holders who purchase the Personalized Dragonchain Ledger Nano S will be reimbursed for the DDSS Recovery Fee they incur upon transferring to the Dragonchain Ledger Hardware Wallet.

  • Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet: Allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency and offers secured storage and geared towards convenience. Hardware wallets can be easily plugged into phone or computer. 
  • Compatibility Apps: Ideal to use with companion apps such as crypto-currency wallets, FIDO U2F, SSH. This digital currency wallet supports FIDO universal second-factor authentication standard on Google, Dropbox, GitHub or Dashlane.
  • Secure Digital Currency Wallet: Accounts are backed up on a recovery sheet. Digital wallet offers easy restoration on Ledger device or compatible wallets. Compactly designed hardware is black in color and offers extra durability.
  • Ethereum Crypto-currency Wallet: Smart and ergonomic design makes it easy to carry the hardware wallet anywhere and can be kept in small pockets easily. Ultra-safe cryptocurrency wallet checks and confirms transactions on the display
  • Nano S Wallet Supports Most Common Crypto and of course DRGN!

Please Note:

This hardware wallet is a Ledger product. All wallets should arrive with a fully intact factory seal. If you receive a hardware wallet that does NOT have a fully intact factory seal, do not use the product. Instead, please contact bert@dragonchain.com.

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